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Server rules
Nebgama 0 Comments · Likes · Like · 13th May 2014
Server Rules/Guidelines
Server Maintenance

There are certain measures in place to ensure the optimal running of the server, aiming to provide an experience that is hopefully as flawless as possible within the current limitations, bugs and glitches. Within the game.

some of these include:

-Unlocking of vehicles that have not been accessed within 3 weeks

-Deletion of vehicles and objects after one month

This is implemented as a means of house keeping to minimizing server load due to abandoned/untouched vehicles and objects. Mainly because of players not returning after a few weeks. I try to balance it out by giving players something in return. (like no building decay for example)


-Trader zones are not car parks and players shouldn't abuse them, cars found to be left in the traders for longer  than 1 or more days are subject for deletion and will not be refunded.

-No stealing others belongings at Traders.

-Ramming cars at traders isn't on.

-Definitely no camping traders what so ever you will be banned if caught, this is a weak tactic and shouldn't be abused.

-No selling others vehicles.
Other rules

-Absolutely no Hacking if caught you will be banned .
-If you find a dupe that is due to a glitch or due to game design by all means abuse it just don't go broadcasting it in side or telling everyone.

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